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Welcome to Laymans Reviews. We provide up to date product reviews on every single product on the market that you could imagine. We are putting together a gigantic database of products for our writers to go through, try out and review. You know that you can trust our reviews because we fully test every single product before we recommend it. We are also not compensated in any way, meaning that there is absolutely no bias in any of our reviews.

We have probably one of the best writing teams out there when it comes to this kind of thing. Not only are they experts in their respective fields but they also thoroughly research and personally use all products before reviewing them. You know you can trust our writers to provide you with really high quality information.

We have put together this website because we were sick of all the review websites out there who were just recommending whichever products were willing to pay them the most. We wanted something that we geniune, honest and objective. That’s how you know you can trust our reviews because we make exactly zero dollars from this website.

Here are some reviews of some pretty weird products that exist to get you started: